Accidents happen due to negligence and so there is the necessity to look onto several factors to mitigate the possible consequences of the growing number of automobiles on the streets.The Influx of vehicles on the streets have largely created greater risks of vehicular accidents which can drastically end one’s life. First is to Reduce speed at 30kph it could save about 12,000 lives and prevent 180,000 injuries each year; second is to wear a seatbelt. Studies have revealed that in the present, one is half as likely to be killed in a car crash as 30 years ago through the development of car safety features such as airbags and advanced electronics which can help keep you safe in your car. The best safety device ever developed which can reduce the risk of death by up to 60%; third is Increase visibility Many crashes result from road users failing to see the other vehicle. Poor visibility causes inability for the driver to determine the direction taken by the other driver. Finally, poor road worthiness of a vehicle greatly increases chances of engaging in vehicular accidents. Busted tubes, failing fan, over heating, electrical malfunctions can even cause fire and car accidents. Maintaining one’s car is mandatory by seeking for the best auto shop for your car maintenance. Changing and upgrading car accessories and spare parts will not give you peace of mind while driving but will assure you that everything is fine with your car. Long drives especially require tune-up and change oil to help in the safety of you and your family onboard your precious car. Glow Satr Motors is found online through can provide you with the most efficient service tailored fit to your needs. Glow Styar Motors Services offer from Auto Electrical to Diesel repairs and , aircon repair. We care about you and your vehicle so you are ensured that your travel will be hassle-free.

By: Paul Guzman