The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) will be showcasing its new instrument to identify mounted and loose natural diamonds, a new service that tells the digital story of a diamond, and another new service to address industry concerns about the possibility of synthetic or treated diamonds being mixed into parcels of melee at its booth at this year’s India International Jewellery Show (IIJS).

The GIA iD100 is a desktop instrument that combines advanced spectroscopic technology with GIA’s decades of diamond and gemstone identification research to distinguish natural diamonds from synthetic (HPHT and CVD) diamonds and diamond simulants.

The GIA M2M is a new digital storytelling platform that combines scientific information with engaging content to involve jewellery-buying consumers in the fascinating story of their diamond.

The GIA Melee Analysis Service that separates natural diamonds from simulants and potentially synthetic or treated diamonds, will also be demonstrated. The service is for round D-to-Z diamonds ranging from 0.90 to 4.00 mm in diameter (approximately 0.005 to about 0.25 carat).

Nirupa Bhatt, Managing Director for GIA India and Middle East said, “IIJS has always been special for the entire gem and jewellery industry, particularly the GIA. With these new introductions, the GIA will continue to fulfil its mission — to ensure public trust in gems and jewellery.”