Hair loss is a harmless but yet depressing ailment which affects most men and women. Earlier times women were not much affected with this syndrome. The women due to some hormonal advantage are less affected by hair issues. But today 30 % of women are found to be bothered with their hair issues. The modern competitive and fast life style is responsible for this. Hair is one of the precious beauty assets for the women. Losing hairs is synonymous with losing women power. All the affected persons are concerned finding hair loss solutions. Luckily many options are now available for the treatment of hair loss problem. It is no more difficult now to find how to stop hair loss. The remedies include natural, home and medical. Many chemical shampoos and hair oils are prescribed for hair loss. But it is not advisable to use chemicals for the hairs as it may cause long term harm to the hairs.

How chemicals harm the hair


The hair is a dead tissue and is made of proteins which are held together by bonds. When we use chemicals these bonds are washed away exposing the inner sensitive layers of the hair. As a result the hair becomes damaged, split and lacking shinning. The chemicals also make the scalp dry and dry scalp fails to dispose of the dead skins of the scalp. The white flakes similar to dandruff appear on the scalp. Continuous use of chemicals on the scalp may also cause boils and red lesions.


The natural substances and home remedies are best


The safest and efficient mode of treating the hair loss issue is to go for home remedies or using natural substances. Egg oil is considered good for all types of hair issues. Other good oils are arnica, mahabhringaraj oil and mustard oil. Eating diet rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants can boost immunity and the person becomes strong from inside. Flax seed, colored vegetable, sesame seed etc are rich in antioxidants.


Some amount of hair loss is completely natural. Persons must not panic for small hair loss. Only when the hair fall becomes excessive people should bother about how to stop hair fall. This threshold numbers of hair are something ranging from 50 to 100 hair fall per day. Only when the shedding of hair becomes more than this limit, you have to start finding for the solution to the issue. When you are diagnosed with hair issue you have to be proactive in your approach. Do not jump into negative thoughts and rather try for the possible solutions to the issue calmly. Sometimes the reason may be quite simple which can be easily rectified with the help of home remedies. Some health issues cause hair fall as an after effect of the disease. Once the condition subsides the hair start growing again. Sometimes fungal infection of scalp cause hair fall. It is required to remove the cause to get back the healthy hairs. Improper hair care such as pony tails and braids cause hair fall. By correcting faulty hair care the issue can be solved.