It has been seen since the Egyptian times that the women love to take care of their nails and accessorizing them. The nails of a girl show her personality like the longer nails symbolizes her status and wealth. The nails are an uncut part of the personality of an individual, but every girl is not blessed with long and strong nails. So, in order to get beautiful nails, nail extensions are being used. The nail extension is a beautiful way of getting longer and lovely nails.

The Nail Extension Lower Parel At Home Services are offered by a few salons in Mumbai. The nail extension is generally done in two types that are in tip or form. IN the tip type nail extension, the plastic light weighted plate is attached to the tip of the nail only, whereas in the form type, the plastic plate is attached to the complete nail. There are different kinds of nail extensions including the gel, acrylic, fiberglass, etc.

The most common form of the nail extension at mahalakhmi home services is the acrylic nail extension. The nail extension is a process to provide strength to the natural nails of a girl. Not always an attachment of plastic plate is required for increasing the length of the nail. The natural nail of a girl can also be extended without making use of a tip. This process of nail extension is known as sculpting.

Ways to perform the nail extensions:

The Acrylic nail extensions: The acrylic nails are created on combining a mixture of powder polymer and liquid monomer, so as to provide a protective layer over the nail, as this mixture gets hard on drying, when exposed to air. In order to do an artificial extension, a plastic plate is attached to the natural nail or to the tip, before making use of the acrylic mix. The nail extension provides a base to the nails for colour and shine.

The nail extension at Mumbai central home services have facilitated the women to remain in their homes, not to get stuck in the traffic, watch TV in their comfort zone. They have worked to provide maximum satisfaction to their clients. Another type of nail extension is the Gel nail extension. IN this type of nail extension, the gel is applied at the top of the natural nail, so as to promote the longer growth of the nail naturally. The least popular approach for nail extension is the fiberglass nail extension. The individuals can perform these nail extension tasks at home without professional assistance, but they need to buy expensive products.

SO, the women are suggested to always acquire nail care services from professional and expert nail technicians, who have the ability to understand the needs of her nails. These technicians make use of the upcoming techniques for offering these services and provide an appealing look to the nails of their clients. They also provide nail art services by special artists including the celebrity artists.