India is becoming the predominant market for the cardiovascular medical devices with the rapid growing rates of cardio issues. A research states that nearly 3.2 million Indians are prone to heart diseases and surgeons all over the country performs around 300,000 angioplasties annually and implants best stent for heart in India. Few among them who undergo angioplasty may be in need of have a stent to be implanted in their blocked artery. Through widening the artery by the inflated balloon, generally these stents will be inserted to aid the arteries wall and to protect it from rest enosis after the angioplasty procedure. There are distinct sorts of best coronary heart stent in India, namely Dual Therapy stent(DTS), Bioresorbable Vascular Scaffold(BVS), Drug Eluting Stent(DES), Bare Metal Stent(BMS), Bio-engineered Stent and so on.

Best heart Stent in India is tiny expandable tubes that are used to treat against CAD. Stents, through opening weakened or narrowed arteries, it assists in reducing the symptoms of angina, which is otherwise referred as chest pain and also to treat heart attacks.

In the above types, dual therapy stent is the modern type of coronary stent, which is considered as first-of-its-kind stent strategy specially designed to cut down the repeated procedure, decreases the chances of the artery re-narrowing, and especially for aiding in healing process of the artery.

In India, people who suffer out of Coronary artery disease (CAD) hit angioplasty centers in India to get best stent for heart and other cardiovascular devices in India. Still, it is true fact that, Coronary artery issues are one among the leading reason behind death in India both in women and men, frequently results in the formation of plaque at a place where one artery sub routed from another, which is also referred as a bifurcation.

Hence, for a cardiac intervention list, treating blockages in arteries is a really complicated procedure. At MicroPort, patients are treated using World’s first and only target eluting stent (TES), which is the latest product of Shanghai MicroPort Medical Group Co., Ltd in order to treat occlusion disease and coronary artery stenosis and witnessed to be the best coronary heart stent in India. Cardiologists experts at MicroPort are the pioneer in the country in treating high risk patients using a heart pump and heart stent technology. The procedures are typically executed by the expert crew of cardiologist of the MicroPort hospital.

Furthermore, they are continuously in the process of developing leading technologies using realistic application of inventive science and products for physicians.

About MicroPort
MicroPort Scientific India Pvt., Ltd is entirely owned subsidiary of MicroPort Scientific Corporation (MPSC) started its debut in 2017 in India with the motive of serving Indians with top notch quality medical solutions at an affordable cost to reshape improve and save quality of their life. They serve to be one among the premier medical solution provider including ten distinct medical disciplines such as orthopedics, electrophysiology, endocrine management, diabetes, cardiology, interventional radiology and more.