For designing the web site before uploading the web site on to the internet it is important that the web site is designed by the experts of SEO Company Leicester. Without proper search engine optimization the web site is sure to fail in getting top rankings in the search engines. As we all know that the visitors to the search engines are very impatient and they do not like to stay put in the search engines for searching out the most relevant information. Moreover the visitors have a presumption that the web sites which come down the line are all fake and irrelevant. This shows the importance of the rankings in the search engines. The business today understands this and always prefers to hire the experts instead of saving some bucks by doing it themselves.

Tools of search engine optimization

  1. Contents: The contents play a vital role for the search engine crawler software. This software is quite complex and intelligent. It can guess the quality and relevancy of the content. The content must be of high quality and written fresh. The search engines give preference to the freshness of the contents. As such the reputable seo agency takes all the care to see that the quality and freshness of the contents are never compromised at any cost. The heading and the keywords placed in the content in a natural and intelligent manner are also important for getting top rankings in the search engines.
  2. Keywords: The keywords are the factors which the search engine crawler software picks up. The selection of the keywords has to be done meticulously so that the keywords are able to hint about the subject matter of the content. The keywords should be selected in such a manner that the most of the visitors would like to type the keywords while seeking for the relevant related information of the topic. The language of the locality, the idioms used by the target customers, the cultural background of the customers, the habits and prejudices of the people, the preferences and use of popular words by the people etc may come into the picture while selecting the right keywords for the sake of attracting huge traffic to the web site. The crawler also judge the content based on the density of the keywords in the content. While it is forbidden to overload the content with keywords, the keywords should also not be too rare in the content. The experts of the SEO Company Leicester are of the opinion that a density of 2 to 4% percent of the total words of the content is good enough for the content. Some claim that the ideal density of keywords is 4 to 6%. However all these are best left to the expertise and experience of the reputable seo agency.
  3. Back links: Back links are another factor for the search engine optimization of the web site. It signifies the interlinking of the web page with the other within the same domain. It enables the search engine to scan as well as index both the web pages.