Employment or finding jobs is the most daunting task in the cities like Delhi, Mumbai, etc., especially for the individuals belonging from the field of jewellery. Mumbai is the hub of the jewelers dealing in diamonds. The Gemkonnect is one such company dealing in diamonds and gemstones. They are specialized in importing, exporting, supplying in wholesale to professional dealers or jewelers. The jewellery sector is playing a prominent role in increasing the share of India in the global market. They have an online portal that establishes a connection with other players in the diamond industry.

The professional dealers can get latest news of the diamond market as well as the diamond industry and get informed about the updates happening there. The Jobs In Diamond Industry In Mumbai at Gemkonnect is for the young and talented individuals to get the jobs, as desired by them, including the drilling jobs, diamond mining jobs, quality controller, jeweler salesman, diamond cutter, diamond jeweler, sales promotion girls, diamond assorted jobs, diamond grading facilities, etc.

Some of the individuals can get diamond company jobs in Mumbai at Gemkonnect directly. This could be with the direct miners of diamonds, diamond manufacturers, traders, etc. preferring diamond polishers as well as cutters. The Gemkonnect links these international as well as national diamond traders in their platform, who does not have the requirement of manpower. The individuals are required to submit their resume on their official portal and wait for their call or response. They will go through it and if it fulfills the criteria, he will get the job.

The jobs in the diamond market in Mumbai at Gemkonnect can be easily got now by making use of the online platform of the Gemkonnect. Their online portal establishes a connection with other companies dealing in diamonds. These jobs are for a particular area or location. They have skilled and semi-skilled workforce in those regions. This is done by them by professional experts and is done as per the standards of the diamond industry. They are trying to engage more people with them for future, who are not a part of their company anyhow.

They are providing a single destination for all the diamond related platforms. The individuals can find the options for jobs in the diamond industry online. There are several online portals offering them with job opportunities with different diamond companies in the jewellery and gemstone industry. The job opportunities for the, include jewellery designer, back office executive, quality control executive, marketing executive with the diamond industry, etc. The individuals are required to have experience of more than 3 years. The individuals are required to register immediately for free.

These designers help the manufacturers to provide their customers with a wide variety of pearl, stone studded jewellery at competitive prices. This could be an earring, ring, bangle, necklace, etc. These job opportunities are provided for different locations of the world. Some of these companies look for passion as well as commitment for excellence for himself and the company apart from fulfillment of the eligibility criteria.