Printing on fabric is one of the convenient ways to choose stylish and fashionable fabric clothing. The printed fabric comes in different prices and length as per the demands of the clients and customers. The fabric is printed with the help of dyes and manufacturing tools. The creative design is imprinted on the fabric with different types of colors. The printed fabric is suitable for different type of wears, especially for the girls and ladies. This type of fabric is used for making the dresses, suits, and other Indian as well as Western dresses. Now a day, the printed form of fabric is also used in the making of different type of shirts and coats for the males. The printed cloth is also customized for other works.

Types in the printing on fabric

Printing can be done in various forms and designs on the fabric clothing. There are innumerable designs that can be imprinted on the fabric. The people can also go for the feature of customize printing in which they can provide the various suitable as well as likable designs. Here are some of the types of printing on fabric clothes;

  • Classical printing

The very old type of batik printing on cloth comes under this category. The very old and ancient type of printing comes under the classical type of printing on the cloth. The different classical designs are the mango printing, the musical instruments, chariot with people and elephants with horses accompanying. This type of printing on fabric is usually found in the fabric printing in Rajasthan.

  • Floral printing

The floral type of printing is the one which is a trending form of fabric. The fabric as its name suggest, floral means the printing of flowers on the fabric. There are innumerable designs in floral printing like big, small, overall, or partly printing. This type of fabric is suitable for the maxi dresses for girls and traditional suits for the ladies.

  • Strips and checks printing

The formal type of clothing is often found in the strips and checks printed fabric form. This type of fabric can be found in different color combination with white color. The girls who go to work in the corporate sector are often seen wearing coats and jackets of this type of printed fabric.

  • Geometrical printing

The printing of different types of shapes based on geometrical printing can also be found in this type of fabric. The geometrical shape printing is one such type of printing that never goes out of trend or fashion.

These were some types of fabric printing. There are various other forms of printing. There is an untold advantage of the printed fabric that it overcomes or fades out any kind of defect in the fabric. So, it is a great solution for the people who are stuck up with a fabric which is not in a good form. The printing with the help of the various colored dyes would highlight the designs on the fabric and overcome any type of defect on the cloth.