Dubai is one of the global cities to visit once in a lifetime. It is also an international tourist destination for the rich and famous, international trade expo, international shopping center, Dubai festival and for desert safari. It has one of the costly hotels, the highest skyscrapers and promoting luxury tourism to the global communities. If you wish to travel from UK to Dubai, you must have valid Visa For Dubai from trusted visa consultant in UK. The Visa To Dubai is very simple process and may reach you in a week. You can discuss with Dubai visa consultant online or direct walk-in in London to clear all your doubts and apply for Dubai tourist visa.

Visit Dubai on Tourist Visa

Tourist Visa For Dubai is much easier to get as their main revenue is from international tourism. It is also ranked as one of the advanced cities for tourists to travel with full safety and comforts in Dubai. It is a tourist friendly national and tourist Visa To Dubai is available as tourist visa for 14-days and tourist visa for 30-days. The documentation part is very less than any other countries tourist visas. You have online and offline and through latest messaging services applicable for Dubai visa process. It will be better to find your nearest consultant for UAE and discuss your Dubai tour plans. They will arrange for your entire travel related requirement to tour Dubai and return to your motherland hassle free.

14-days Tourist Visa to Dubai

  • The tourist Visa for 14-days comes as single entry and single-exit.
  • This type of visa is of 1-time holiday visit to Dubai.
  • You can get tourist visa to Dubai from UK within four to six working days.
  • The Express Dubai visa is the best way to get in 48-hours for tourists.

30-days Tourist Visa to Dubai

  • The tourist Visa for 30-days comes as single entry and single-exit.
  • This type of visa is of 1-time holiday visit to Dubai.
  • The 30 days tourist visa is valid for 58-days only for the issuer from the date of he or she has received their tourist visa.
  • The normal tourist visa processing time may take a week.
  • The emergency tourist visa takes only 48-hours.

Please Note:-

The tourists traveling to Dubai can book their onward and return journey through the UAE owned Emirate Airlines to get some discount on visa fee. This is because; the other or private airliners ticket may cost you much than the Fly Emirates ticket booking.


The UK communities willing to tour Dubai must apply Visa For Dubai with trusted visa consultant in UK. You can get Visa To Dubai in few days of applying through proper channel and documentation. It is advisable to check with immigration consultant you can know your eligibility and then apply accordingly. The professional visa consultant do process visa application for others and non-UK residence at affordable cost. You can be tension free, when you approach overseas consultant for Dubai tourist visa.