Dubai has gathered a lot of attention from the tourist in a couple of years. People can be seen often spending their vacation in the beautiful and exotic place like Dubai. Now the people who are trying to get in the place like Dubai need to have a proper visa for entering. Improper visa would be considered as an illegal and false attempt to get into the country. This can be considered as a heinous act. There are different types of Visa For Dubai. This totally depends on the type of visit to Dubai. The purpose of the visit would be acting as a proof for availing the Visa To Dubai. Therefore, this article would only focus on the multi entry long term visa application for Dubai.

Knowing about the multi entry long term visa

This type of Visa To Dubai is applicable to travelers who intend to stay in Dubai for a longer period of tie. The visa is termed for 90 days. The travelers who get this visa can traveler to Dubai for a multiple time. The multi entry visa itself speaks for the multiple number of entry applicable with this visa. The validity of the multi entry long term Visa For Dubai is 58 days after the date of issue.

Who all can apply for the multi entry long term visa for Dubai?

Multi entry visa cannot be availed by all the people who wish to travel to Dubai. Some exceptions are there which are enlisted below:

  • Any official tours

The people who come for official tours like attending meetings, seminars, and conferences can avail this visa. They might expect a quick return visit to the place that is why they try to avail this visa. They are required to provide the authentic proof of the meeting, seminar, or the conference that they are required to attend.

  • Tourism

The people who are the tourist can also avail the multi entry long term Visa To Dubai. They are just required to provide the proof of their accommodation and transportation for that matter. The booking details are sufficient for travelling to Dubai as tourist for a multiple time with this 90 days’ visa.

  • Property

The people who are active dealing with properties in Dubai can also apply for the multi entry Visa For Dubai. They are just required to send in their valid property contract details and documents to the visa officials. An issue with the property can create chances for multiple visit to country which is another valid point in this matter.

  • Personal reason

The personal reason for the visit can be meeting family or friends or attending some kind of occasion. There is not a greater deal for procuring multi entry visa in this matter. The applicant can produce the invitation from the relative or the friend and the proof of the relationship with the concerned person. The applicant is also required to produce the valid return ticket from Dubai as well.